Platform Technologies and Reagents Pilot project funding

The lab provides support for at least one promising research project each year, for a period of one year. The seed funding aims to facilitate collaborations between members of the Sackler Convergence lab who identify complementary research strengths and facilitate the use of synergies in convergence (limited to specific academic fields: biomedical (life/medicine), physical, mathematics and engineering sciences). Proposals can be focused either on one discipline within those fields or be of an interdisciplinary character; preference will be given to interdisciplinary projects.

  • The grants will be provided for a period of one year.
  • Each individual grant will be up to a maximum of US $20,000.

Submission of Proposals

  • Principal investigators should be faculty members at any academic institute.

Selection Criteria

  • Funding for joint research proposals is provided on a competitive basis.
  • Projects will be selected by the Director, giving particular attention to the following criteria:
  • Clearly formulated goals and defined research focus;
  • Information on envisaged synergies with the Sackler lab;
  • Academic excellence;
  • Interdisciplinary nature, broad scope of different fields/labs represented in the proposed project;
  • The scientific motivation for the collaborative research should be clearly explained, including how the involved research can profit long term from this cooperation and what synergies will arise;
  • The need for the fund as a seed fund for future collaboration.

Submission Instructions and Deadlines

  • Proposals should be submitted in English.
  • An abstract is required which clearly outlines the overarching goals of the research proposal (not exceeding 250 words).
  • The research project description should not exceed five pages (1.5 line spacing, 12-point characters), excluding references, CVs (two pages max each), budget, and budget justification.
  • Budget items may include consumables, student fellowships, data analysis costs;
  • Researchers should submit the joint proposal electronically as PDF or Word files to: Charlotte Kuperwasser –