Hydrogel Synthesis, 3D Printing and 3D Tissue Engineering

Creating functional complex 3D human tissues

  • Breast
  • Colon
  • Brain
  • Fat
Breast Tissue Engineering. Human breast organoids cultured for 14 days in 3D hydrogel scaffolds. Mature luminal cells in red, basal/myoepithelial cells shown in green. [Piyush Gupta] 20150901 ME5 d11 CK14 CK818_zstack3_MIP1_labeled
Adipose Tissue Engineering. Adipose tissue cultured for 14 days in 3D silk porous matrices (scaffolds). Lipids in red, cell actin cytoskeletons shown in green, nuclei in blue, silk in purple. [Rosalyn Abbott] adipose-tissue-engineering
Neurological Tissue Engineering – primary rat cortical neurons in neurobasal media, 7 days. Elaborate network formation observed with immunofluorescent staining with neuronal marker beta-3-tubulin (tuj1), nuclei counterstained with DAPI. [Volha Liaudanskaya] neurological-tissue-engineering
Intestinal Tissue Engineering – Calcium AM staining of 3D porous scaffolds showing intestinal epithelial cells (lining the lumen) and myofibroblasts localized within the pores of the sponge [Ying Chen] intestinal-tissue-engineering