Joshua Kritzer , Ph.D.

Joshua KritzerMember of the Molecular Microbiology Faculty
Sackler School of Graduate Biomedical Sciences

Associate Professor of Chemistry
Tufts University

Dr. Joshua Kritzer is an Assistant Professor in the Chemistry Department at Tufts University, and a member of the Molecular Microbiology faculty at Tufts’ Sackler School of Graduate Biomedical Sciences. He earned a Ph.D. in Biophysical Chemistry from Yale University and did postdoctoral research with Susan Lindquist at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research. His independent work has been recognized with a Smith Family Award for Excellence in Biomedical Research and an NIH New Innovator Award.

The Kritzer lab uses peptides and peptidomimetics (peptide-like synthetic molecules) to inhibit disease-associated proteins that would be difficult or impossible to target using traditional approaches. These molecules are an exciting and rapidly expanding area of drug development because they can target protein surfaces in ways small molecules rarely do. Dr. Kritzer’s lab discovers, develops and applies new classes of molecules using cross-disciplinary approaches including genetics, cell biology, organic synthesis, structural biology and biophysical chemistry. These molecules alter critical pathways in health and disease, including virulence factors, phosphatase signaling, autophagy, vesicle trafficking, and cancer.